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Spec 5-9 Rank Bundle

Step up your unit’s game with our exclusive Army Specialist Rank Patches, ingeniously embroidered on OCP camo. Each patch in this five-piece bundle, from Spec 5 to Spec 9, features the hidden word ‘MAFIA’, a playful nod to the legendary E-4 Mafia. This collection not only honors the historical significance of Specialist ranks but also adds a modern twist with its discreet design. Ideal for E-4 servicemen and women, these patches allow you to proudly showcase your unit’s spirit and camaraderie. Whether velcroed on field gear or displayed in a collection, these patches empower you to promote your unit’s Mafia with pride and a touch of insider humor.


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Dive into military history with our exclusive Army Specialist Rank Patches Bundle, featuring the new and improved Specialist ranks introduced in 1955. This set includes five patches ranging from Spec 5 to Spec 9, each intricately embroidered with a hidden ‘MAFIA’ detail that adds a modern twist to historical insignia.

The Specialist ranks hold a significant place in military history, bridging the gap between apprentice enlisted soldiers and the journeymen role of noncommissioned officers. Originally designed to identify technical skill without the command responsibilities of NCOs, these ranks have evolved but still symbolize expertise and professionalism.

Our patches are crafted with the utmost attention to historical accuracy and detail. Hidden within each is the word ‘MAFIA’, a nod to the camaraderie and informal prestige of the ‘E-4 Mafia’. This subtle detail is only visible upon close inspection, making these patches not only a piece of history but also a conversation starter.

Perfect for veterans, active service members, or military enthusiasts, these patches can be velcroed onto jackets, bags, or displayed as part of a collection. They’re a tribute to the evolution of military ranks and the unsung specialists who have played crucial roles throughout history.

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