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Kick the tires and call it good…

Check out our “No New Faults” morale patch for a hilarious take on military life. Featuring a Humvee that’s seen better days – think fire, flat tires, and shattered windows – this patch is a cheeky nod to the classic military saying during vehicle inspections. Perfect for anyone who’s had to deal with the ‘joy’ of equipment checks and the oh-so-common report of ‘no new faults.’

Comically Accurate Design: This patch is all about the laugh. We’ve got a busted Humvee that screams ‘everything’s fine’ in true military style. It’s a perfect blend of humor and the real deal, and it’s sure to get some knowing nods.

Tough PVC, Easy Stick: Made with durable PVC and a simple Velcro back, this patch is as tough as the military life it represents. Stick it on your gear for an instant dose of humor.

A Must-Have for Service Members: Whether you’re active duty, a vet, or just someone who loves military humor, this patch is a perfect fit. It’s a small way to remember the lighter side of service life.

A Collector’s Laugh: Add this patch to your collection and let it be a reminder of the good, the bad, and the hilariously true moments of military maintenance.

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