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Angry Gnome Perkins Patch

Check out our “Perkins Patch,” where attitude meets altitude. This ain’t just any patch – it’s Perkins, the legendary gnome-like crew member of Chinook helicopters, decked out in a flight helmet and gripping a knife. It’s a badass tribute to the tough, determined folks keeping those birds flying.

Made from sturdy PVC, this patch is as tough as Perkins himself. Perfect for military buffs, aviation fans, or anyone who digs a patch with character. Throw this on your gear to add some edge and pay homage to the real heroes in the sky.


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Attention to the Interwebs: A Call for Support for Corbin Perkins

We have a soldier among us who has shown unwavering commitment to our great nation, and now, he needs our help. Corbin Perkins, a brave 13-year-old, is the son of Troy and Jennifer Perkins from Fairmont, Nebraska. Earlier this year, Corbin visited the doctor for headaches, nausea, and dizziness, only to discover a serious health concern.

Medical Journey:

  • Diagnosis: An MRI revealed a 2.5cm Chiari malformation, with the top two vertebrae pressing against his brain.
  • Surgery: Corbin underwent a 7-hour surgery on 08 Nov 2023. A follow-up MRI indicated the need for a second surgery.
  • Complications: Post-surgery, he faced swallowing difficulties and respiratory issues, requiring intubation and a feeding tube.
  • Rehabilitation: On 25 Nov 2023, Corbin was moved to Madona Rehabilitation Hospital, with an expected stay until early January.

The Perkins Family’s Struggle: With mounting medical bills, only partially covered, and the added expenses of staying in Omaha, the Perkins family faces a significant financial burden, especially during the recent holidays.

Supporting Troy Perkins: Troy Perkins is not just a mentor, father, and friend; he is an inspiration to our armed services. To support him and his family, we’re introducing a unique, limited-release patch.

  • The Patch: This isn’t just any patch. It’s a one-of-a-kind “banger” designed to look like Troy. Rumor has it, shaking it might give you a surprise!
  • Fundraising Goal: All proceeds will directly support the family, aiming to surpass our $15,000 goal.

How to Help:

Remember, here in the Mafia, we don’t forget family. Troy needs us. Stop reading and start acting. For future support and to battle bureaucratic challenges, visit e4mafia.shop or reach out on social media!

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