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E-4 MAFIA NWU Navy Rank


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Celebrate your Navy service with an edge using our E-4 NMU camo Navy rank tab, ingeniously designed with “MAFIA” subtly embedded within the eagle design. This unique product is a tribute to the camaraderie and informal prestige of E-4 servicemen and women, known affectionately as the E-4 Mafia. This design cleverly incorporates the word “MAFIA” which is visible only to those who take a closer look, making it a special symbol of insider knowledge and pride.

Our camo Navy rank tab is crafted from high-quality materials, suitable for uniforms, offering a durable and permanent addition to any piece of military apparel. It’s an ideal way to display both patriotism and a sense of humor, resonating with those who share an understanding of Navy culture.

Perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for someone in the service, this Navy rank tab not only serves as a sign of belonging but also stands out as a creative and spirited accessory. It’s a great way to show your allegiance and unique identity in the military community.

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